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Maine Solar Energy Association (MESEA)

Spring 2014 Solar PV Assembly Intensive with MESEA
April, 18 - 24, 2014, including traditional Earth Day celebration !
(Dates depend on your interest and reservations)

Apr 18 - 24, 2014, Jonesport, Maine - Solar Home - Including Earth Day !
Call John Burke asap : (207) 546-1639; or (516) 669-2442

Solar Assembly Intensive for Gen. public, ASES & NESEA members. Presented by MESEA, DADS, and SEAD of Truth, Inc.
Seven Days in Maine ! - Do Yourself Solar! and Earth Day 2014 !
April, 18 - 24, 2014 - Enjoy the Jonesport, ME, Solar Home !
A week at the Solar Home of Dr. Richard Komp and MESEA, on Indian River Bay, Jonesport, Maine!
April 2014, - One week (or part) - PV assembly workshops!
(Fri, Apr 18, 7:30 pm, free lecture power-point presentation)

Apr 19 - 24, Sat - Thurs, 9:30 am - 4:30 pm, includes lunch ! You will determine the exact dates you desire, one, two or all seven days!
for a PV assembly workshop, two 65W PV modules. We will use the liquid silicon encapsulation method developed by Grupo Fenix and Suni Solar, of Nicaragua.
Site: MESEA Solar Home 17 Rockwell Rd, SE, Jonesport, ME 04649
Program is presented by an experienced MESEA trainer.

You're invited to attend one day session - $75.
April 19 or 20, Sat or Sun ...

Two day extended sessions - $125.
April 19 & 20, Sat & Sun ... Or ...

Full Intensive program - $325. (seven days)
April 18 - 24, Fri through Thurs ...
(All noon meals are included each day).

Call John Burke asap : (207) 546-1639; or (516) 669-2442 to arrange for $50. deposit/reservation (bal. due on arrival)
Limited space is available at Solar Home for overnight stay, or longer, (additional fee ).
Local motel, B & B info available through : (Machias, ME Chamber of Commerce)

HOPE Festival, Saturday, April 26, 11 am to 4 pm
at the U Maine Student Recreation & Fitness Center, Orono Maine

Maine Solar Energy Association will present a hands-on photovoltaic cell phone charger assembly demonstration at HOPE Festival sponsored by the Peace and Justice Center of Eastern Maine. The simple cell phone charger is a way that we can 'compete' with the robotic PV factories that have lowered the prices of PV for residential and utility connection. The cell phone charger is an example of the 'hand-made' solar PV projects that MESEA has available for Mainers and others.


Summer Internships in Sustainable Living in Downeast Maine

MESEA, together with SEADS of Truth will be offering summer internships at three different nearby locations in Columbia and Jonesport, Maine. The interns will live and work on solar thermal and photovoltaic (PV) projects, and organic gardening at one or more of these locations which include Richard Komp's beautiful home on the coast of Maine, a long established SEADS workshop center on 40+ rural acres and a small organic farm. All three locations are off- the-grid with many solar and renewable energy features and all three need repair and upgrading work to make them more useful as alternative learning centers. The internships arrangements will include free lodging. The only cost will be payments for food. For more information and to register contact: SEADS-Charles Ewing MESEA-John Burke 516-674-9090 Joan McMurray 207-483-4690

Grupo Fenix Solar Culture Course in Nicaragua

Come to Nicaragua and engage your head, heart, and hands in the real work of developing countries. Our hands-on courses allow you to be immersed in the daily life of rural Nicaraguans by living with host families and working alongside local community members to create their vision of a model community through renewable energy and sustainable practices.

Discuss the theory behind solar energy and the challenges of development with your instructors and other course participants. Spend your days learning how to construct solar cookers, photovoltaic panels, and installing photovoltaic systems. Laugh along with your host family as you try to recall your high school Spanish, balance water on your head or make tortillas. Most activities and classes are held in the new adobe Solar Center. Housing will be simple, like that of a typical rural Nicaraguan family.

Explore a beautiful country and its culture while learning about renewable energy and sustainable development in the field. Our courses provide a unique travel experience that is educational, rewarding, and fun!

This 11-day course, offered twice a year, has been held by Grupo Fenix since 1999. It is a great introduction to the science and use of appropriate renewable energy technologies such as solar cookers, dryers and photo-voltaic systems. Dr. Richard Komp, an expert from the United States with over 50 years experience working with solar technologies, teaches the technical classes for the January version of this course and the July version is based on his methodology for fabrication of PV panels in developing countries.

See for the latest schedule of courses.

Also, the course includes various tourist activities such as a visit to nearby beautiful spots in the mountains of northern Nicaragua . If weather permits, we will spend a day exploring the Somoto Canyon and swimming in its natural pools. Also, during the course we will spend a night at a rustic ecolodge in the Tisey Nature Reserve, which has hiking trails, fields of organic vegetables, a farming community that produces its own specialty cheeses and one of the best panoramic views in the country.

The course fee of $995 includes all food and lodging, with a $50 deposit to be sent to the nonprofit Skyheat Associates at PO Box 184, Harrington ME 04643 before June 15th to insure a place in the course, which has a limit of 15 participants and is often completely full. For more information, please contact the or or look on-line at for details of all of our programs.

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