Maine Solar Energy Association

Sarah's Sun You are invited to join as a member of the Maine Solar Energy Association by mailing us a check. You may also renew a lapsed membership the same way. You will receive the Maine Sun in the mail each quarter and contribute to sustaining our program. Annual membership includes: a subscription to the quarterly MeSEA publication - The Maine Sun, 10% discount on workshop fees and MESEA-sponsored events, networking with other like-minded people in Maine, contribution to the sustainability of our program, and the right to declare your donation to a 501(c)3 on your taxes.

Please mail us a check for $30 for a one year membership to MESEA (Maine Solar Energy Association), $50 for a one year family membership, or $150 for a corporate membership. Membership in MESEA includes a subscription to the Maine Sun.

Send your name, address, phone number (optional) and occupation/interest with your check made out to MESEA to:
MESEA, PO Box 184, Harrington, ME 04643.

For Information about MESEA, email: or write:
Richard Komp, President
Maine Solar Energy Association
PO Box 184
Harrington, ME 04643

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