April 11, 2008

Dear Friends,
Here are a couple of photos from our cottage PV assembly workshop in Villa Corona, Mexico. The first one shows the participants putting the first two finished 60 watt PV modules onto the roof of the off-grid workshop building (taller) to power the building so we can make more modules.
The second shows a 30 watt module we just finished. This module was made with thin white paper behind the cut PV cells and a transparent vinyl (polyvinylchloride to be exact) backing. As you can see, it is quite translucent and would work well as a skylight. The next experiment would be to spread the cells a bit more to let in about twice as much light, while still having the same electrical output. The ratio can be easily controlled so that you could get 10% (which is what I approximately calculate this one does) up to as much as 40% without making the module look too funny.
This morning we won't have a class session, instead, Ruben Sr (who is helping me) and I will give a seminar at the local grade school, showing a couple of the finished PV modules and one of the small solar battery chargers we made at the start of the workshop. I'm really enjoying this workshop and the trip to Mexico, and looking forward to finally getting back to work in Maine.
Richard Komp PhD. President
Maine Solar Energy Association
17 Rockwell Rd SE, Jonesport ME 04649